If I could choose only one hero to….oh I don’t know be stuck on a desert island (well make that an island off the coast of Scotland for the atmosphere) with it would have to be Rochester.

  1. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a tall, dark stranger?
  2. Who wouldn’t love a man who challenges another to a duel (ok, you’d better run a mile from a guy who uses firearms to settle disputes, but pistols at dawn in the 18th century is wildly romantic).
  3. He’s been taken advantage of by the people he loved. His family con him into marrying a lunatic, then his mistress dupes him in the cruelest way and possibly cuckolds him.
  4. Despite his hardships, he is kind and looks after a child he doubts is his.
  5. He risks his life to rescue the mad wife whose existence stands between him and true happiness with Jane.
  6. He has a sense of humour.
  7. By falling in love with and marrying Jane he shows contempt for the class and money-obsessed social norms of the age.Which hero would you choose to be with on a desert island or in a lonely castle?